Veronika Jackson made her New England debut performance at Southern Vermont Arts Center’s annual blues concert in August 2023. Her soulful blend of blues, gospel, and folk was utterly magic. The audience could hardly believe so much power could come from one woman with an acoustic guitar. A night long to be remembered.

Anne Corso|
Executive Director
Southern Vermont Arts Center


She has stories to tell.” She makes “Leadbelly’s 70 year-old “C. C. Rider” sound fresh, and I found myself listening to Jimmy Reed’s “Big Boss Man” with a different perspective.

Don Wilcock
Veteran Award Winning Blues Musicologist & Journalist
Contributing Writer – the American Blues Scene


Veronika just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your soulful blues/ folk voice in Barnesville today.  Please come back again, I look forward to listening to you often on your CD.

Lee Wodall
Barnesville BBQ & Blues
Barnesville, GA


Veronika had a very personable stage presence and made you feel like she was talking with you.  When she sang, you know the song really came from somewhere.

Timothy J. Fees,
Merlefest, Attendee


Great job at MERLEFEST, so nice to hear you and to visit some…..Everybody loved you!

Roy Book Binder
International Blues Artist


Veronika, we truly enjoyed both of your performances at Pocono Blues Festival 2010 a couple of weeks ago.  Your music is beautiful and haunting , there’s so much about life we find ourselves listening to , some folk, some blues, sometimes and Hat Check, over and over.

Bill & Bernie Simmons
Pocono Blues Festival, Festival Attendees
Holly, NY


Saw you at the Florida Folk Festival this year (2010) and the prior and just love, love, love your music.  I managed to buy your CD this time and listen to you all the time!  I am a Veronika Jackson fan and would follow you  around the country if I could! Thank you for sharing your gift.

Linda Stone
Florida Folk, Festival Attendee
White Springs, Florida


Alone with her guitar, she blew a fresh air at the end of the day.  Veronika Jackson first Blues Passion performance had the affect of Harry Manx’s blues;  just like a golden nugget, which surfaced from the bottom of the river, where nobody expected her.

Severine Joubert
Sud Quest Newspaper
Cognac, France


You have such a nice vibe! Your guitar playing is very easy going and just what your voice needs. Your voice is very organic sounding. The way you are is very attractive. People really connect with your songs.

John Zumwalt Stephen
Music Engineer, Spring Theatre
Tampa, Florida


I was really impressed by you and your songs. My first feeling was like meeting the “spiritual” daughter of Joan Baez. I must say that I loved your two concerts at Blues sur Seine, and I love the way you sing and the words you use.

Frankie is also known as “Frankie Bluesy.
Frankie Pfeiffer
Photographer /Blues Magazine


Veronika Jackson is a folksinger/songwriter whose musical purpose is to reach the very soul of the listener. She loves to sing about people and their plights, regardless of who they are. Veroinka has written songs about women such as Ada Dupree who could not be buried in a cemetery that was all white, even though she and her family were the original settlers there. When she sings the flavor of blues comes out and that’s because she’s singing from what is within her.

Gerri Gribi
Musician & Historian of Women’s Music


I enjoyed watching and listening to Veronika’s performance. She exhibits a comfortable, yet confident stage presence. She managed to effortlessly get the audience involved in her performance. Her musical artistry was apparent as well. She played her guitar beautifully and her voice transcended all the usual comparisons to folk-blues  greats like racy Chapman and Joan Armatrading.

Derek Patterson
Formerly of Callanwolde Arts Center
Atlanta, Georgia


Veronika Jackson never fails to delight our audiences. Her style draws on blues and traditional folk, but add to that, her own experiences on the street with the less fortunate and you have social commentary that is rare among local contemporary folk musicians. The fact that she is black adds depth to her style and makes her one of a very few black “folkies” available.

Veronika is an exceptional talent. With her voice and guitar, she can really open hearts, feelings and emotions.  She touches her audiences deeply with her blues and rock folk sound.

Clarence Rosa
Hungry Ear Coffeehouse
Atlanta, Georgia


Veronika, command attention when she walks on stage, just being who she is: a powerrful and geniune artist. She is comfortable as she performs and that makes her audience forget their troubles as they relax and listen to her songs.  The way she connects with with people is heartwarming.  The experience is exceptional and I am left with the  distinct impression that I am in the presence not only of a fine artist, but also a talented, intelligent and approachable human-being.

Ernie Williams
Banjo Player, Vocalist
San Antonio, Florida


I love this recording! Of course, I’m partial to acoustic blues to begin with, but I especially like your voice on this material and you have a special talent for writing new songs within the tradition.

Ellen Hayman, DJ
Urban Folk, KFAI Radio
Minneapolis, MN