Folk Blues Historian

Veronika Jackson’s knowledge in the history of American Folk Blues comes from her childhood grassroots of folk, rhythm and blues and old spirituals. She specializes in the era from the early 1900’s – 1960, knowing that this era of music had a profound impact on American Music Culture of today.

Blues Sur Seine – Montes La Jolie, France

Veronika’s workshop also includes the history of African American folk children songs which she grew up singing.  Her performance workshop consists, of storytelling, enlightening and educating diverse audiences of all ages in the knowledge of the American Folk Blues History.

She uses her live performance to illustrate the roots and history of African American Folk Blues.  Her storytelling includes her life experiences as a folk blues performer. Veronika gives the workshop and performance the flavor of the musical era in which the imagination is clear and profound.

Her skillful Piedmont style guitar picking and rhythmic banjo technique also informs and educates on the history of the Africa instrument.

Veronika purpose is to educate and entertain also of women who has left a mark and legacy in the acoustic folk genre.

From her home community to across the Atlantic, Veronika Jackson educates through musical performances and her storytelling commands attention.

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